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From time to time we will put up databases you may find useful for purchase.


This application will assist you to create Cover Letters specifically targetted to as well as tracking  jobs you are applying for.


Features include

  • Auto data extraction when you enter the SEEK address of the job

  • Recording of answers to Selection Criteria

  • Find similar answered questions and reuse the answers

  • Text to Speech playback of answers

  • Budget setup with calculators

  • Salary comparison to budget.  Is the pay enough?

  • Reports on job applications 

  • Modifiable cover letter breakdown with insertable codes to automatically enter the job details. i.e. Agent name, job name, etc.

  • Free updates after purchase, you will only pay once.

  • Low price to assist those in between roles

Please Note:

You can purchase this database and application by clicking the Buy Now button below.  We will email the application to you within 24 hours.  

We offer this at low cost to assist the unemployed so this is temporary only until we determin that sales volumes will justify a cart.  


Thank you

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$20.00 aud

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