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From time to time we will put up databases you may find useful for purchase.


Home Inventory

Most people are hopelessly under insured, when disaster happens they find they do not get enough insurance money to replace all of their belongings.


The Home Inventory Database will assist you in keeping track of your worldly goods and will provide reports for your insurance company should you need to make a claim, you will be prepared.


Features of the Home Inventory System are

  • Easy to use simple layout

  • Easily see how much all your belongings are worth and how much insurance you really need to recover it all.

  • Secure with login, data encryption

  • Portable, can be copied or installed on a memory stick

  • Insurance reports, asset reports and charts

  • Lending Register to keep track of items you have loaned out. It even has a formal Lending Agreement you can print and sign if you want.

  • Store multiple images of your items and jewels, Images will appear in the Insurance Report.

  • Store receipts, manuals and other documentation or images relating to each item.

  • Web browser built in to search for images, manuals and such.

  • The web browser automatically goes to or searches for the Manufacturer's website when you display an item, helpful and quick for assistance and warranty.

Protect yourself, keep a record of all your items and be prepared, be adequately insured and be comforted knowing that should a disaster happen, you will be able to recover your current lifestyle by being armed with the knowledge of how much your items are worth.

Please Note:

You can purchase this database and application by clicking the Buy Now button below.  We will email the application to you within 24 hours.  

We offer this at low cost to assist the unemployed so this is temporary only until we determin that sales volumes will justify a cart.  


Thank you

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